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Vaccination Policy

Each site placement accepts Federal Funding through Medicaid, Medicare, or COVID-19 Policy and Vaccination: OPPIC does not anticipate any changes in future start dates or the number of funded positions due to the COVID-19 endemic.  Should there be interruptions or significant changes to the internship activities due to COVID-19, interns will be notified and supervisors will work with interns to develop a plan for completion of internship. If an intern is delayed in completion of internship activities due to circumstances related to COVID-19, the Family Medical Leave Policy described in the manual will apply.
Currently, each training site accepts federal funding through Medicaid, Medicare, or other Federal Grant Funding. Therefore, each site is subject to current Federal Vaccination policies. At this time, each location will have a vaccine mandate following the January 3, 2022 federal deadline. This is subject to change based upon federal requirements and legislative updates. Therefore, interns must be fully vaccinated per CDC definitions, prior the state of their internship. Depending on the training site, interns may have the option to submit medical or religious exemptions, or opt to submit weekly COVID-19 test results at the intern’s expense. However, if an intern is concerned about the COVID-19 vaccine or has hesitations regarding vaccinations, they should contact the Site Coordinator for which they are seeking placement regarding site specific policies.