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APA Ethical Code of Conduct

APA Ethical Code of Conduct

Interns participate in a one-hour, weekly didactic seminar led by an OPPIC supervisor (Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00 pm) and one hour of independent study (for a total of two hours of didactic training per week). Didactic presentations are based upon the nine profession-wide core competencies for health service psychologists:

  1. Research
  2. Ethical and legal standards
  3. Individual and cultural diversity
  4. Professional values, attitudes, and behaviors
  5. Communication and interpersonal skills
  6. Assessment
  7. Intervention
  8. Supervision
  9. Consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills

Scheduled training topics often include readings (e.g., peer reviewed articles), podcasts, webinars, and other presentations related to the nine core training competencies. Interns use their independent study time to review training materials in preparation for weekly didactics. Interns are provided a didactic calendar of activities at the beginning of each training year. However, specific topics, presenters, or conference items may be adjusted as needed based upon availability, scheduling, and cohort learning needs. All changes to the calendar will be announced by the end of group supervision the week prior to the change.

All didactics seminars, podcasts/webinars selected, and presentations hosted by OPPIC are free of charge and do not require any additional fees beyond internet capability and computer updates. Some podcasts selected offer CEU credit and some conferences may have an additional cost for CEU credit, in addition to conference attendance. CEU credit may be applicable to secondary licenses or certifications held by trainees (e.g., BCBA, NCSP, LPC). The cost of purchasing CEU credits is not covered by OPPIC and is an optional additional cost available to interns at their own expense. 

Many of the OPPIC didactic activities are conducted through virtual platforms to allow interns across various training sites to collaborate.  A minimum of one supervisor is present at all didactic seminars and virtual conferences.  Interns are expected to actively participate in group discussion by having their cameras and microphones turned on to facilitate engaging and enjoyable group discussion. 

Interns are expected to demonstrate a level of professionalism at all didactic training activities, whether conducted virtually or in person.  Any intern who fails to complete asynchronous didactic activities, or violates professional standards at any OPPIC required activities will receive a verbal warning from their supervisor during weekly supervision. Interns will be evaluated accordingly in trimester evaluations, and will be subject to the OPPIC Remediation Policy if professional and/or ethical concerns persist. Interns may be asked to leave the internship program if the violation is an egregious act (see OPPIC Remediation Policy).  Interns are excused from any clinical duties during didactic training sessions. It is therefore important that interns make every attempt to attend all of the didactic seminars. In addition, interns should plan their schedule so they can arrive on time and actively participate in all of the didactic seminars. Finally, interns will complete an evaluation of didactics by providing an informal evaluation of each didactic activity each week and a formal evaluation at the conclusion of the internship.